Why Collect Art?

For passion, investment and more. 

Art’s premier role is to enrich the owner with its esthetics, stipulate thought and to manifest a certain moment in time. A meaningful art collection represents the owner’s identity and taste. A well-structured and managed art collection can be so much more.
Tried and tested as a safe-haven real asset investment during economic uncertainty, art is now even more appreciated for its wealth preservation, capital appreciation and succession planning benefits.
Historically reserved for a selected few, it has become a global affair. E-commerce has afforded access to the art world to anyone, at any time and from anywhere. An international rise in museum construction has furthermore churned cultural engagement and bread a new generation of collectors to enter the market. With ever rising demand from collectors and museums, supply for unique and museum-quality works of art from deceased or non-producing artists shrinks. This has a direct effect on list prices.